How can 3D printing help Medical Professionals

3D printing is an extremely versatile tool with almost limitless applications especially in the medical industry.  For a medical professional, it can get very confusing because of the multiple technologies, materials and their varying properties.

So how can 3D printing be of use to a surgeon? There are 3 broad regions at present that can make a difference.

Patient models:

As the title suggests, patient models are 1:1 scale 3D replications of the patient scans. Applications include better understanding, mock surgeries and for measurements. The added advantage is they are an excellent tool to explain situation to the patient.


Surgical Guides:

Surgical guides are used for cutting or drilling operations. With these guides, one can not only predetermine the location for cutting/drilling, but also decide the angle of entry, amount to remove, depth & diameter of screws. One can practice on the patient models to prepare before surgery. Advantages include reduced risk of error and improved precision. Guides are primarily used in Oral & faciomaxillary surgeries and orthopedic surgeries.

Patient specific Surgical implants (PSI):

Each person is different and an implant for a rounded face adult may not suit a square faced adult. 3D modeling and printing eliminates these variations by custom designing the object to the person. One can test these implants on the patient models for fit and finish. Custom designed implants eliminate the need for altering an implant to fit the patient.


For all these needs, all MedMorph 3D needs are the scans of the patient in DICOM format. From that point, we provide an end to end solution as per requirement. Added advantage is that this technology does not need any capital investment upfront; you only pay for the product.

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