Our First 3D Printed Metal Implant!

MedMorph 3D is proud to announce the design of its first 3D printed metal implant for facial reconstruction of a patient with oral cancer.

Patient presented with a tumour in the maxilla region specifically the tongue palette. The course of treatment was to remove the left lower maxillary region. This presented them with 2 choices; either recreate the maxilla using a titanium mesh or use a custom designed 3d printed implant for a perfect fit. This is where MedMorph 3D’s expertise comes in.

Patient 3D Models

scan to 3d model
Conversion of CT Scan (DICOM) to 3D model


Using patient CT scans, a 3D model was created. MedMorph 3D uses a wood-based material which makes cutting & drilling operations easier while the woody material also offering a natural colour to the models.


Product Design

patient specific implant
Creation of Final Implant in Titanium


We worked with the doctors to understand the surgical work involved in the process and marked the areas for removal. The first step was to digitally recreate the patient’s resection using 3D modelling software. Then our team went to work on the updated model, fixing various defects and designing clamps to fix the implant to the patient’s face. A provision of holes was provided at the bottom for fibula grafting. The intent of fibula graft was to allow for adding teeth later and also help bone growth. 3D mock-ups were created at every step to keep the doctors up to date. The implant was designed to be made in titanium with a thickness of 0.8mm, thus making it very light. A mock-up of the implant was created using our 3D printers and placed above the 3D skull model to see the placement location and fit.

customized metal implant
Titanium Implant with Mirror Finish


With the design completed, we approached Incredible AM, a metal 3D print service provider specializing in medical implants. They provided us the implant in medical grade titanium from their FDA certified facility. This metal implant was mock fitted to our 3D printed model to check for fit & finish. Post these checks, the implant was taken to the OR to be fitted on to the patient.


We like to thank Dr Purushottaman & Dr Sabari Girish at Apollo First Med Hospitals for their co-operation and interest in pursuing this revolutionary technology. Thanks to their efforts, we are now able to offer cutting edge technologies to our citizens.

For more interesting applications, please check out our products page and reach out to us via phone or email. You can also contact us via LinkedIn.

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